Why does the AZ DOC think these are dangerous?


These are true town hall questions submitted by various women, but no answer has been received from the D.O.C.

Q: Why can’t the D.O.C. staff abide by D.O.1-9, the non-smoking policy? It is so HYPOCRITICAL tohave inmates get tickets for smoking out-of-area, when the staff smoke like the prison is their personal ashtray!

Q: Why do the women get an inferior cable package to the men’s?

Q: A $1.1 billion dollar budget of the AZDOC – one of the highest in the nation – so why is there no  money for decent food, mattresses clothes, shoes, plumbing, showers, buildings, etc??

Q: How can you reduce recidivism unless you have programs for substance abuse?

Q: Instead of every fundraiser dollar going to charity, why don’t we have one to fix our infrastructure?

Q: The vast majority of female inmates have no intemtion of bev=coming plumbers or electricians. Why not have separate vocational programs that the ladies want, like culinary and cosmotology?


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