Dept. of Corrections expects  us to clean our room but does not provide the necessary means to do so. We wash our floors with Suave shampoo. Shampoo is not going to kill the stomach flu or worse bacteria such as Hep C. We used to get cleaner that was blue like window cleaner, then a clear cleaner.

At first I thought the girls were just being lazy and just not going to pick up the supplies. I was informed that they were told by COII that we no longer get supplies! D.O.C. is given money to clothe, feed, house us, and that includes giving cleaning supplies.

We have a broom that was meant for a 4-year old to play house, not an adult to sweep the floor. Whenever we ask questions we are frequently told we have no money. So the question is, where is the money going? It not going to feed, clothe, or even properly housing us.

As a taxpayer – shouldn’t you know?

by C.H.