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"These stories of health abuse are not independently verified by the editors of this website. However, all of the women have agreed to a HIPPA release to any qualified attorney willing to take their case, or to an investigative reporter from the media."
They Said I was Faking My Broken Leg – by D.M.

They Said I was Faking My Broken Leg – by D.M.

Dateline Lumley: A 62-year-old woman wrote, “I fell down the stairs and my leg really, really hurt. Because I have a high tolerance for pain I thought it was just bruised. I refused initial treatment because I couldn’t afford the $4.00 to see medical.

The pain got worse instead of better. I finally had to ask the yard officers to take me to medical. They informed me that I was “faking it.” I submitted an emergency HNR and was taken to X-ray. The moment the X-ray was developed that called 911 because my femur was broken in two places.

Waiting – SOLD

So, you think you have a long wait at the doctor’s office?

Open Heart Surgery Denied! – T.H.

I sustained infective endocarditis from dental work done at Perryville because they refused pre-treatment antibiotics. knowing that I have heart valve problems. This caused damage to my aortic root. Aortic root surgery is very grave and risky. The Mayo Clinic only...

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Medical Neglect Leads to Open Heart Surgery

For 2 years, 53-year old T.H. tried to tell Santa Cruz medical that she has a severe heart problem. Medical said "Prove it." and she said, "Ask for my records, or do an echocardiogram that does prove it." Instead, they gave her a major ticket for refusing to work in...

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Just in time – by G.V.

"I have scaly skin lesions on my face for over a year, and could not talk my "provider" into a dermatology referral. As luck would have it, a real MD walked by as I was in my wheelchair and I asked him to tale a look at my face. He said it looks like cancer, I'll...

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The Guard Let Me Fall – by J.M.

I went to the hospital for heart failure. Just before I was discharged, I had to go to the bathroom. I'm 72 years old, and they had me shackled with a belly chain, hand cuffs, and feet cuffed. When the female guard started to help me up, she let go too soon and I...

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Just Drink Water – by C.A.

I have had Crohn's disease for 6 years before I came to Perryville. Corizon said "it's cured" even though they gave me no treatment for it. The provider prescribed medication for I.B.S. (totally different disease than Crohn's) and that caused me to start throwing up...

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Imprisoning America’s Mentally Ill

by Edward Lyon published in Prison Legal News February, 2019, page 22 Since the 1962 publication of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a mirror image of the best-selling novel’s plot has played out in U.S. prisons. Author Ken Kasey wrote a work of fiction about a...

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  1. Cynthia

    I was in prison for 17years and have seen so many people die in front of me It’s traumatic and I have PTSD from it. Medical never helped me for my heart problems, never took tests, just told me I have congested heart failure and didn’t do anything for me. I saw it every day. They never helped us, made us always feel like we were lying and would send us away. Making people work in the kitchen who have scoliosis, heart problems, people who have AIDS and Hep C as well as other STDs. There’s rat poop on our kitchen food, birds all over our trays that we eat off of making us all even sicker, black mold everywhere. We can’t breathe in our cells due to all the mold and crud in our walls, vents, and coolers. They are trying to kill us – they don’t care and the money they get for us does not go to us. There is so much more.

    I’ve been sexually attacked by the CO police officers twice. I have my whole life to account for in there and I’m surprised I made it out after 17years. They have medium inmates on max yards getting assaulted and they don’t care. They say it is due to no room. They also send you to max yard as punishment without ever getting tickets. It’s all retaliation. They will ruin your life if you don’t do what they want. They make up lies, yep the sergeants, if you refuse to work because you don’t feel good. I heard a Sergeant say “Oh you’re going to hurt yourself” then cuff her up and put her in isolation when the girl never said it. I’ve seen it all, believe that.


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