This editor personally interviewed four new inmates that came from Lumley to Santa Cruz unit. They were interviewed separately, but all had the same story.

A Yard: showers and sinks, and all water available to the women is cold. (How would you like a cold shower on a 38-degree day?) There is no heat in the rooms either – so no escape from the cold, day or night. (I’m picturing the ASPC commercial of the dogs shivering in the cold, but these are people!) The cells here have been stripped of hooks and drawers, so there’s no way to hang or store folded clothes. Doing hand laundry in the sink is a disciplinary offense, but giving it to the prison for washing means it will be stolen. The interior walls of the cells have lewd and obscene graffiti sprayed on them, but the staff insists there is “no paint to cover it.” ($1.1 billion for the AZ DOC, but no money for paint! heat! hot water!) Fighting among the women is rampant, but the guards look the other way, even if a woman is being hurt. The inmates complain of cable and electric outlets that don’t work, feedings at the prison kitchens are notoriously late. Example – their Thanksgiving dinner was not delivered until 9:45 pm, long after lock-down.