I don’t know anyone who, at one time or another, hasn’t mentioned how things have gotten so high at the store. We are about to have yet another price hike. Even though Keefe Company is under contract and are only supposed to raise prices at the start of the fiscal year (which is July,) this is the second time this year that there has been a change in prices. The other one occurred in November.

I’m going to give you an equivalent of the prices we pay for someone making minimum wage of $10/hr.

  • Off brand IBV’s, ct 24 – $40 (or multiply your hourly wage by 4 times)
  • Honey Graham Crackers $125 (or 12.5 times your hourly wage)
  • Shredded beef $150 for 7-oz (15 times your hourly wage)
  • Chicken $106.33 for 7-oz (10.62 times your hourly wage )
  • VO-5 shampoo or conditioner $35 (3.5 times your hourly wage )
  • Dial A/P Deodorant $41.66 per roll (4.17 times your hourly wage )

This is just a small fraction of our store items. For those who think the State gives those products to us, you’re wrong. If you have more than $2.00 on your books you do not qualify for what is called indigent packs. And even if you did qualify, there is a running balance for you, where if family of friends send money, that is deducted first.

The average inmate makes between 25 and 35 cents and hour.

Bring this to Congress’ attention