I.P.C. (Inmate Patient Care) is the 18-bed infirmary located on Lumley unit. This is how a 65 year-old stroke victim described her 2-week stay there. “I had a stroke in March 2019. When you come to I.P.C. from the hospital, the guards don’t let you have any of your personal items with you. I had no toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, or comb. I had to beg and beg to take a shower, which is not at I.P.C., but in the Special Need Unit. The only shampoo I had was out of a hand soap dispenser, I got no sleep for the entire time I was there, because an elderly patient was raving and screaming constantly. It was said that she has dementia. The nurses scream right back at her!” P.U.R