Extreme temperatures of 118°F happen in Goodyear where Perryville is located. The following units are without air conditioning and are “cooled” with swamp coolers; Santa Maria, San Pedro, Lumley, and Santa Cruz.

Of course, evaporative coolers do not work at all after the dewpoint reaches 55° or more, which is common during Monsoon. Evaporative coolers do not work when the temperatures exceed 106°F either. The heat is rough on all ages, but especially the elderly and the pregnant. The next time you hear the news anchor say “Keep your elderly and pets in air conditioning today” think of us without it.

The only thing that stands between the women and heatstroke is a little 8″ fan you can buy at Walmart for $12 but costs inmates $22. This is how one 70-year old woman makes it through the Summer. Soak a sheet. Wrap it around your body like a mummy. Point the fan at self until dry. Repeat until September.

Almost all the women here over 60 are on medications that make them susceptible to heatstroke.