8-7-19 3:34 PM Townhall Meeting

Dateline Santa Maria: from a 70-year-old woman. “I told D.W. Compton that the elderly have special needs, as we cannot dissipate heat from our body. plus we take medications that make us even more susceptible to heat stroke. I asked if women 60 and older could go to air-conditioned areas (visitation, WTU room, medical) to temporarily (not all day) to cool our core temperature. He suggested we go to the kitchen on the yard to cool down.

This is how far out of touch with reality this man is! There is no cooler in the kitchen! In fact, it was so hot in the kitchen the other day that his very own officers shut down the evening movie because the temperature was over 97 degrees!!!

To add insult to injury, Lt. Burski ordered us out into a 40-MPH sand storm after the town hall meeting. Another officer saw me struggling and ordered me to return to the building. Lt. Burski told me to walk back to my yard, even though visibility was zero. To further humiliate me, he made fun of me for walking too slow! I yelled back “See how fast you go 45 years from now!” I think the wind took my words away.

This is how senior citizens are treated at Santa Maria.”