Dateline Lumley Unit: Numerous women wrote in with very similar stories about Lumley’s lawless behavior. Residents complain about out-of-control smoking; in line to the store, to the chow hall, in the chow hall, on the runs, in the rooms – everywhere! They say there is “no such thing as a non-smoking area.”

Rampant illegal tattooing is taking place while the guards look away. On 9-5-19 Lumley had a “shake” (inspection) and before they were through the first wing, the supervisors had a notebook full of 27 names of people with new tattoos, and a box full of colored inks and tattoo paraphernalia. We don’t know how much they found by the end of the shake.

One inmate recently transferred out of an “overflow room” on “A” yard. She describes a room with no bunk, one dirty mattress on the floor, used tampons and filth littering the area, and an overflowing busted toilet. These rooms are obviously not cleaned between occupants.

Sounds like the Deputy Warden needs to “clean up” this unit in more ways than one!