Up until recently, an inmate could buy a lightbulb for $0.78. Then came the outrageous $2.00 lightbulb. But Keefe/Trinity, not done bilking the inmates out of ther hard-won dime, jacked up the price to $7.00!!

I’ve heard of $2,000 toilet seats purchased by the government, but a company charging $7 for one lightbulb – and not offering any cheaper alternative is PIRACY. It is GREED! A prisoner, making 10-cents an hour would have to work 70 hours to get one.

This summer the DOC got “a good price” for work boots made in China. These are the boots supplied to the ladies that work in the kitchen, yard crew, painting, and maintenance. There was a reason they were a “good price.” These boots literally fell apart after one day. Inmate N.C. said “I got my boots on Tuesday, and after working my shift, the sole had peeled away from the shoe, and the “leather” upper shredded into what looked like dark paper.”

Yep, your tax dollars getting the very best.