Dateline Santa Maria: On October 22, 2019, between the hours of 9:30 and noon women residents on “B” yard, cells in block #2 (2105 to 21-12 and 22-10 to 22-12) were subjected to Natural Sealant 104 fumes. As workers were applying a roof coating, women noticed a harsh odor emanating from their ventilation in their cells. During that time there were reportedly two ICS (medical emergencies) for inmates on that block.

The woman worker that actually saw the name of the product sent us the information. We pulled up the Material Safety Data Sheet, This is some of what it said: vapor density – heavier than air; effects of exposure – irritation of the respiratory tract, headache, nausea, and dizziness (the women that reported this complained of these symptoms;) respiratory protection – do not breathe vapors, use NIOSH/MSHA respirators.

Reportedly, most of the women in this block defied lock-down (count between 11 and noon,) left cell doors open, or sat outside using inhalers.

We understand that Perryville is in dire need of repair, but couldn’t they do this work when the women could be out of their cells? Why do this at lock-down when there is no escape from the vapors? There is a big block of time between noon and4:00 PM to do this kind of thing.