5-6-20: Reportedly from inmates that attended a Town Hall meeting, 65+ women will get no special treatment. All chronic care individuals will be “screened” regularly for “symptoms”. Covid-19 tests allegedly on site and will be “administered as deemed appropriate”. As to the issue of officers and inmates transferring from unit to unit, “we TRY to keep it at a minimum”.

Now for my reaction to this. Apparently COVID-19 tests haven’t been “deemed appropriate” in any significant way. According to ADCRR’s own COVID-19 Dashboard, there have been only 2 tests administered in the entire prison! As for screening chronic care individuals … is taking someone’s temperature really screening for symptoms? And if it is, I find it really hard to believe that only 2 women in Perryville have had a fever in the past several weeks (fever being one of the primary early diagnostic indicators for possible COVID_19 infection.)