Received this directly from an elderly inmate.

“All of us in gray hair, some with hip replacements, wheelchairs, walkers, canes and elderly, were appalled when the officer stormed through San Carlos today taking our double mattresses. Our MEDICALLY APPROVED extra mattress. For the folks at home, a prison mattress resembles the kindergarten nap mat. We call it the “tortilla”. That is why medical issues chronos to allow 2 mattresses so that it cushions you from the cold, unyielding steel. Bear in mind this is NOT a Perryville wide, OR statewide mandate……this is Hernandez’s own rule. The officer explained that one green mattress= a double mattress. DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! It’s as hard as a rock. The infirm and the elderly have it bad enough worried about Coronovirus, now they take our sleep away from us too!?! Everyone that reads this should phone and write in protest of this indignity to old women!”