[Editorial comment: There are now well over 300 confirmed inmate cases of COVID-19 in Arizona prisons. How many more there are is anyone’s guess because testing (at least in Perryville) is almost a joke. Below are excepts from two news sources regarding the AZDOC and COVID.]

Article printed on Saturday in the AZ Republic. Click the link to read the whole thing. 6/6/29 AZ Republic(Lauren Castle)
“ACLU demands testing, results for county inmates”
Dear Readers, After looking at this article can you tell me why county inmates can protect themselves and others with masks, but State inmates cannot? Please contact Director Shinn and find out. Are we less worthy?

[Keep in mind that inmates at Perryville were put to work making masks and are not allowed to wear masks. In fact, they can be disciplined for using a mask, even in environments that are at high risk of contamination – like cleaning the officers’ gym.]

“Expert: State should target congregate settings (Prison)”
Will Humble, director of AZ Public Health, “If a bad Covid outbreak were to occur in several prisons at the same time, hospital capacity would go down very fast. Those drive-thru testing kits would have been better used in prisons.”

[Watch the numbers on the AZDOC COVID-19 Dashboard. It’s our opinion that there is no “IF”, it’s “WHEN” a bad Covid outbreak occurs.]