Staff sources report at least 4 alleged cases of COVID-19 at Hickman’s Farm. Reports say the Piestawa unit is the “new” quarantine area for the Hickman outbreak. Thay put a barricade between the 2 parts of Pie to section off confirmed cases of COVID, and women who worked there but have tests pending.

Readers, this unit shares the same ventilation/AC system. No physical barrier will keep out a virus! A Print Shop civilian worker has also allegedly tested positive. The women who work there are mostly from Cruz, but some are from minimum units too. It is unclear what the future holds for these workplaces or the inmates that labor there. If our readers’ families know more about this situation, please comment on our Facebook page.

UPDATE 18 women test + from Hickman’s

Earlier we were told Piestwa was the quarantine area for these gals, but plans change. This sourse is a COIV, that alleges that Pie is EMPTY as of this writing (6-30 10am), and all women from Pie were moved to Rosa. So reportedly, the infected ones went to Maria. Where, we don’t know.

Does it sound to you, dear readers, that the DOC has a plan? We still don’t have masks. Five months from the beginning of the Pandemic, there a few signs that say social distance. They have just started controlled feeding (no more than 2 per dining table), but they completely ignore social distancing in line. All lines.

We all touch the phones, kiosks, and microwaves…..with NO sanitizer. I wonder if the DOC knows how many of us are hiring lawyers to sue the DOC in the event of our illness or death.