As reported, MVD has closed on Maria. A former inmate, Rebecca Dinning, worked there for 3 and half years. She was released a month ago but kept in touch with her coworkers. These inmates told her that some staff tested positive for the virus. The inmates” had a few minutes to pack their things and move to the isolation ward.”. There on Maria, all 39 women were quarantined. At that time Dinning stopped hearing from them.

A statement from ADOT “On June 18 a staff member tested positive for COVID.”. ADOT maintains” inmates follow procedures that include face coverings, temp checks, and health questions.”. Ms. Dinning says “that’s not true, she worked there until late May, and she never wore a mask even though she asked for one”. DOC said “absolutely not…..they would not issue masks”. At MVD we are literally elbow to elbow. You move your chair you hit your neighbor, there is no room we are stuffed in there.”. says Denning.