I’d like to address the frivolous and arbitrary tickets given on San Carlos unit. I find it curious that I could go years with a completely clean disciplinary record, and get two tickets in one week on Carlos. Neither ticket was based on written policy.

Since when does one get a ticket for being late for count at 10:55 am? The policy says 11 am. The 2nd ticket by Sgt. Spears was the result of fast walking to the library to look at the newly posted sign. I got that ticket for “exercising out of place”. Do you know what it’s like to be 65+ in prison? It’s a constant nightmare.

Please have your officers spend more time keeping us alive than giving us unnecessary stress with frivolous tickets.

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SGT. SPEARS gives a 70-year-old ticket for “jogging” to the library.
Boy howdy. Instead of making sure women over 65 stay alive through the COVID crisis, they issue tickets for looking at the library sign. Apparently one cannot exercise in that area. A fast walk by the elderly is exercise? Of course, this COULD be retribution. Because this is the same 70-year old that wrote up Sgt. Spears on social media, for writing a ticket to her, when she asked too many questions about COVID in April.