[This information was sent to us via email at 9:00 am today. However, it not been delivered as of 6:00 p, (email censorship?) We were finally able to learn this much via telephone call.]

It was a vale of tears this morning on the San Carlos unit. A woman in her 40’s left this life suddenly at around 10:00 to 11:00 pm last night. Cause of death – undetermined.

We won’t print rumor or conjecture, so we’ll wait for the autopsy results, unlike the people interviewed on this.. Staff are consistent on only one thing: it took 45-minutes for a nurse to arrive. The ambulance beat her to the inmate/victim

Better reporters than we are have been alerted to this story. Maybe they can pry some truth out of the DOC. As we are able to confirm more details we will let you know.

One eyewitness reported a prayer circle of at least 200 women this morning at 7:35 am. The soprano singer lead a thrilling rendition of Amazing Grace. That gal was so good she could be singing at the Met.