NYT: This is the list of side-by-side comparison of countries and states of COVID positively rates-Bahrain, Oman, Qatar….and then Arizona. The Times pointed out that those countries have a large number of migrant workers who live in cramped quarters, with sub-par social services. But somehow Arizona has found itself on the SAME LIST! rate.

So with this high positively, what is taking DOC so darn long to test inmates? We have an email from a member of the Directors Task Force, “Our meeting today with the Director was frustrating because of endless delays in getting universal testing for all inmates. We have another meeting with DHS to get a handle as to why there are so many delays.”

A couple of small bright spots – the inmates have been issued masks (on 7/2) and can get soap without having to endure a search of their cells and possessions (7/10.)