We are in touch with some members of the Directors COVID Task Force. They gather information about how things are working on the units. This committee finds additional measures to keep inmates safe. Here are the core items on their list. Let’s go through them and comment on what’s REALLY happening at Perryville.

  1. Soap distribution: Inmates at almost all units report difficulty getting soap, or having to jump through hoops to acquire them. They are poor quality, Motel 6, 3d world blocks of stuff. It doesn’t even lather, and girls that were using it under their arms reported blisters!
  2. Deep cleaning of common areas: What a JOKE! It only takes them 12 minutes to squirt 104 beds. Then when the inmates come back in they only have one paper towel to wipe with.
  3. Mask wearing: The guards wear masks everywhere BUT over their faces. Some wear them as beanies on the head. Beard warmers. Over mouth but not nose. Around neck. Inmates are NOT REQUIRED to wear them (see 7-16 Town Hall meeting notes). The most important mandate is not enforced.
  4. Social distancing: In dorm-style minimum units it’s not possible. In 2-man cells, not much better. The real problem is the lines for chow and pill call. You couldn’t put a Kleenex between them. Combine lines and no masks and it’s a recipe for disaster.

All this proves the time-honored motto of AZDOC……
“We don’t give a damn.”