From the Editor:

I’ve had to endure 17 Deputy Wardens in 11 years. Only one was worth the tax dollars I paid him, his name was Bill White. The rest were the most ineffective, worthless individuals I’ve ever met in government. And I’m retired from the government, so I ought to know. Of course, to be fair, officers in Agriculture all had to have 4-year college degrees. The officers in corrections only have to have a GED, in other words…..high school dropouts are encouraged to apply. There is an oversupply of hairy backed, knuckle-dragging, obese, men with a bad attitude. Case in point, the guard who told an African-American woman that his flag mask stood for “make America white again.”. This is the same clown that every time he went down our row, he’d fist pump and say “go Trump!”. I’m glad he’s gone, he was so tiresome. I’m convinced these guys are rejects, so they put them in Perryville because they think the women will “put up with anything”. I actually had a Sgt. tell me that. So now I have to cope with a DW who won’t mandate masks and won’t enforce non-smoking areas. Perryville is in trouble, but almost no one gives a damn.