This came in this morning and we are posting it exactly as we received it.

“I’m out jogging when I see a friend my age (70s) who asks about the town hall meeting. So I stop to give her a recap, and I’m on the part about the DW not mandating masks……when who comes out the door but one of the Lt’s in the meeting. We square off about mask-wearing. He feels the same way his boss does about masks…” it’s useless, and COVID is overblown.”. We proceed into a very spirited argument that we are hearing all over the country. My favorite quote from him is, “Yeah, I could get COVID just like I might get hit by lightning or one of these girls might sucker punch me.”. ?? I’ll let that speak for itself. My parting words to him were, “This prison is run by people like you, you’re in the right place.”. Then I jog by the biggest offender of smoking out of area….the Sgt. And I inform him he’s smoking in the wrong place. He says something back at me but I’m glad I kept on jogging.”

Now, in case you’re new to all of this nonsense – here are a few quotes directly from the AZDOC. It’s obvious their words do not reflect their actions.

“Our priority remains ensuring the health and safety of inmates as well as all ADCRR employees and on-site third party partners.” July 13, 2020 COVID-19 Management Update

“Currently, all ADCRR officers and staff are required to wear face covering.” COVID-19 Management Strategy Update July 2, 2020 As you can see from the message we received this morning this is not being enforced.

As for the smoking incident – in spite of federal law, Arizona State laws, and the AZDOC’s own Department Orders, smoking regulations are not enforced. This is true for both staff and inmates. This editor has personally witnessed white-shirt staff standing directly in front of No Smoking signs, lighting up in full view of Correction Officers with no repercussions what so ever.

How does any institution expect compliance from its population when it refuses to address blatant disregard of the law and the institution’s own regulations by its own employees?