Getting needed medication when you’re in prison isn’t an easy process at the best of times. You have to report to pill call at a specific time. You line up with everyone else needing to get their meds, standing outside in the weather. Rain? Stand in line. Heat? Stand in line. Right now it’s over 110 degrees. Stand in line.

Certain nurses make that process even more challenging (not naming names, but their patients victims know who they are.) When they’re on duty you better not be late to pill call because you won’t get your medication but they will document that it was given. Would anyone like to know what happens to the medications that should have been given to the inmates?

How they are able to complete pill-call for 200 patients each in less than an hour? According to these two nurses, they are quick and efficient when it comes to dispensing medications, No one else seems to be able to perform that fast. This is how – they pre-pop all of the meds, so who knows if they are even giving the right medication to the right individual, and they document medication as given when in fact it has not been given.

If someone from management would just stand back and watch the goings-on they would see for themselves, but the higher-ups do not want to because they don’t really want to know.