We have received reports from ALL units on PeeVille, that the computer Kiosks are down. Well, duh. Only the DOC in their infinite wisdom could put delicate technology out in the 118 degree heat! The phones are outside too. Make your calls early, because the black receivers are too hot to pick up later. Oh, and they poop out from the heat too.

Then the DOC makes a feeble attempt to show they “care”, by giving us paper’ pencil and envelopes. We have a tablet now…it’s called email. So we stack up stuff no one is going to use. Wonder how much THAT costs.

And on a more hopeful note—-we have the latest guess by the Director’s office, that inmate COVID tests will be about mid-August. The guards have just begun their testing. How about a straw poll from you guys out there—-Do you think the DOC will lie about the results? Email us and tell us what you think. We’ll publish the results!