On Aug. 1st, the DOC instituted a “plant based” diet to take the place of religious and kosher diets. The kosher diet has been offered to inmates for the last 2 years, and it has been inordinately popular. Here’s why they stopped it….IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!

All the poor women starving for fresh vegetables and clean meat all signed up for it. Checked the cost of fresh veggies and unprocessed meat lately?

As I hold the CFM menu in my hand….I read the small print. “All items do not contain meat or flesh containing products.”. Well, where are the inmates going to get vitamin B-12, which is only found in animal products? Will they get a B-12 supplement with that? Bet not.

Breakfast is pretty sparse–“cold cereal, (no milk, eat it dry) peanut butter and jelly, and 2 slices of potato bread. For lunch, they alternate between “hummus cup” and vegan salami, 4 slices of bread and a half cup of vegetable, a “snack item”, and a cookie. For dinner, they toss in beans and a half cup of “salad”. I used to be on the kosher, and it was my experience that the “salad” was unwashed, gritty, and yellow. They get only 4 hot meals a week!!! We can’t wait to see what THAT looks like.

And for our Jewish readers grab this, ” We use only special kosher cookware, knives, serving utensils. All kosher utensils are washed and stored separately, cooked items on kosher cookware only.” According to several interviews, the kitchen workers allege that that is B.S., they use the same stuff as they use on the regular food service.