An officer bellowing at 5:20 am, “Up and at ’em! Get in compliance and line up!”.

We walk over to Visitation building, single file, guards pointing the direction. It was on time and very orderly so far. We entered Visitation where testing stations were set up, each with a technician in full COVID garb.

At the first table, we were greeted by civilians that asked general health questions, then we were directed to an available testing person. I picked a silver-haired gentleman and sat down in his chair. His station was covered with sealed containers and tubes, with an array of lab-type paraphernalia. Now here’s the caveat…. our DW had told us that this test was only going to be a swab of the entrance to the nose, not the deep nasal kind. Well, he was misinformed as usual. This was the real DEEP nasal swab into the nasal cavity! Which I prefer because it is much more reliable.

After he swabbed me I said, “Your too efficient and professional to be from the DOC.” as he laughed he responded, “We are from Sonora Quest.”. I’m happy to report this made me feel better about the validity of the results. We will get our results in 72 hours. Stay tuned.