Dateline San Carlos 8-12-20: We just received this forwarded email.

” I was writing my mom about how great the COVID testing went at Carlos. She was concerned about my asthma caused by 2nd hand smoke and knew being locked down with smokers would bring about an attack. I was initially so pleased by the morning shifts’ commitment to keeping the Bays smoke free, that I reported my relief.

For the FIRST time, I saw a female guard march right into the bathroom and give everybody tickets for smoking! I’ve never seen that the whole time I’ve been at Carlos! At last, the administration was listening to the needs of non-smokers. My joy was short-lived by the 2nd shift’s (2-10 pm) apathy to the smog layer coming from the bathrooms and showers.

The efficiency that this Unit managed the testing was very, very good. The guards got our meals on time, and even managed to get our commissary groceries delivered.”