(In her own words)
“The woman across from me (6 feet) that tested positive is Inmate M. I am in a dorm-like setting at San Carlos. Two weeks ago Ms. M. had a severe headache and nausea. She put in an HNR, saw the nurse, reported her symptoms, and was told to come back if she felt worse. The reason Ms. M. was sent away is because she wasn’t running a fever at the time.

This is their litmus test? Fever? It’s a good indicator, but not the only one.

So this inmate was sent back at the height of her contagion to infect others! The woman next to me (24 inches from me) had exactly the same symptoms, at the same time as M. and they are 24 inches away from me, a 70-year-old woman! I attribute the fact that I didn’t get it to excellent hand washing, and mask-wearing. Close call there indeed. But the day isn’t over yet, I’m not certain I’m negative.

Until Saturday night rolls around, I’ll be looking for the hazmat men in white.”