First, a thanks to our readers who let us know they found out about the COVID round up from OUR blog, before any other media outlet:-) There was a CH.15 helicopter circling overhead within 45 minutes of our word going out.

New news this morning, is that a BUS LOAD of women were loaded up from San Pedro yesterday. The other units’ numbers have not been validated yet. According to a Sgt., 800 tests are still “pending”. It looks like Sonora Quest deserves a round of applause for quick testing. So that means 800 women are waiting for the ax to fall, or bullet to arrive, or whatever you want to call your fate to be. We try to go about our daily routines, but keep glancing out the window waiting for the “little men in white suits” to come and take us away. The empty beds stand as a testament to our sisters that are no longer with us. At least the DOC had a crew to come in immediately and clean the dickens out of vacated beds.

I’ve never seen the officers look so serious and industrious, and purposeful! We continue to get facts from friends and family, and will keep you all appraised.