This one even amazes us. Helena received a MAJOR ticket from the night guard, for sleeping through his kicking her bed frame at 4:00am!

The DHO (0fficer in charge of major tickets), told Helena at her hearing, “That will teach you for disrespecting an officer when your asleep.”. Yep, no typo because she told me twice, and took notes after her meeting with the DHO.

The DOC’s explanation was Helena had the cover over her head (because of the light over her bed), and when the guard asked to see her face, Helena didn’t wake up right away. Helena has had stomach cancer and sleeps a lot. Is this a crime? (I personally can sleep through a 7.2 earthquake). As she finally woke up from the guard banging on her bed, he yelled at her “YOU’RE ADVISED”

And with that, her dream of working for Televerde evaporated at 4 am in the morning.