This letter is from one of our Technical contributors.

“Once again the DOC and this time, JPay, screwed up a “critical update” via the kiosks. We have often wondered why they put computers out in the 116-degree heat, and now we think we know the answer. Because they are not going to last long.

Allegedly, we are getting new tablets (made in China) at the end of Oct. These new tablets will be independent of kiosks and run from Wi-Fi only, and be capable of several things. The best thing is being able to order off Keefe store directly without any paper transaction. Banking will be online.

But back to the update that took place statewide yesterday….JPay had no idea it was going to louse up so bad. For the people that downloaded movies and games, their money was taken, but they received no product. Then after-the-fact, an announcement was made NOT to download anything. Jpay is telling the inmates that they will get their games/movies maybe next week.”