We interviewed a young lady who was recently released.

“I was on San Carlos the first week of July when I started to feel really sick. I put in an HNR, and the nurse temped me at 101.8 with shortness of breath. They sent me back to my Bay!

That night I received a chrono that I was to report to the kitchen at 2am for work. I dutifully showed up and informed the kitchen guard that I was ill. He shouted, “Put on your F**** hairnet!”. For three nights I went to work but had to go home because of throwing up. The guard gave me 2 major tickets for refusing to work!

That day I went to medical again and I got their attention with a temperature of 102.4 and gasping for breath. They took me immediately to Maria, and the staff packed up my belongings. I was unceremoniously thrown into MDU (the Hole) in a 4-pak cell, with COVID positive inmates.

The girl in the next cell yelled through the vent that her cell temperature was 92 degrees that day…..you see the “swamp coolers” never work in that heat. I didn’t even have a cup to drink water, so I slurped water in my hands. When I asked the guard for toilet paper and pads he said, “Quit acting like a princess.”.

No medication to bring down my fever was ever given, in fact, they said if I took any I’d be there forever. So for two weeks, I had NOTHING in the way of medication. I sweated it out in a dirty cell (they refused to give me any cleaning supplies) with no A/C in the middle of a brutal heatwave.

My store that I had already paid for was never delivered to Maria. When I returned to Carlos the Lt. tracked it down in a parked van at Maria…..it had been there the whole time! To make matters worse 75% of the food had been destroyed in the heat.

You could die in quarantine before you die of COVID in Perryville.”