We have received several emails and tear-stained handwritten letters about the inmate who died on Tuesday on Santa Cruz. We let her friends speak.

” Tracy was one of my best friends. She had been in a car accident prior to coming to Perryville, and was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, the meds you get on the outside, are not allowed on the inside. I had to leave her on Cruz, as I transferred to Carlos unit 6 months ago. She hugged me hard, and started to cry that she couldn’t go on much longer. Her physical and mental pain was too much. Medical had taken her off most of her medication, and she was in bad shape. I blame the prison, because they just didn’t help her.”

Another was writing a letter, and was interrupted by screaming.” Oh my God! Oh my God! All I hear is screaming. I went outside and heard the girls yelling ‘Tracy hung herself’! The paramedics are here and they are working so hard to save her. They are using the paddles…..now they are trying CPR on her. They stop and punch her in the chest, then do more compressions….more paddles. They are taking her away in the ambulance still doing CPR. I know she is already dead. Her roommate found her hanging, but it was too late.

Tracy’s bunkie said that Medical took her off ALL her meds 3 weeks ago….God, she couldn’t take the pain anymore. D.W. Chui is holding the roommate as she sobs all over him. The Sgt. is hysterical and crying….everyone is so upset. I can’t believe this is happening. I feel so bad for her family.”

And we here on this website extend our condolences. If you knew Tracy, or someone like her, please use our message board to post your feelings.