Several Complex (where all inmate food is prepared) kitchen workers recently posted this news:

” During my shift yesterday, (9/25/20) we were removing pallets of bread and discovered 3 cases had been eaten by rats. As we entered the storage area, I saw two Trinity workers and five inmates screaming and running. Then about three rats came out on their heels. They were BIG suckers! They are leaving a lot of rat poop all over the place.

Last week an inmate worker “escaped” from the Complex, so they have shut all the doors and gates, and have not assigned porters to clean up the garbage. There used to be inmate porters cleaning and removing garbage all day long, now nothing is happening. The officers take the dumpsters out once every 24 hours. It’s a mess out there.

The rats run the place! Our families are calling the Dept of Public Health!”