“I am an outside worker on Perryville. I casually watch this website, but this is the first time I have contributed. At around 9 am, I walked from Admin to the Medical office, this is what I observed. The Keefe workers in the store, serving customers, DID NOT HAVE MASKS ON. None of the inmate store workers had them on either. My next stop was Medical, and I’m happy to say every inmate had her mask on in that building. As I was going through the inner door I noticed most of the nursing staff wore their masks properly, with some exceptions. Two staff members wore them below the nose, and the staff psychologist had hers hanging from her ear. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the psychologist thus attired. I’ve never seen her mask over her face, only hanging from the right ear. Shameful.

Mask up Arizona, and wear them PROPERLY!”