Dateline Lumley: We were suspicious of this story until we saw the legal paperwork from her lawyer that confirmed it. This is her post.
” In December of 2019, I was struggling with one of the cell doors that wouldn’t close. In that effort, I fell to the floor abruptly and heard a crack in my back. I was told by medical it was just a “bruise”.

Later on in the year, my legs would suddenly turn numb and I’d fall. This got worse until July 12th when my legs went out and I fell hard. This happened at about 10 in the morning. I felt severe pain in my right thigh and heard a crack. I looked at my thigh and saw a bulge under the skin.

Various guards said I was “faking” and would not call an ICS for medical help. Even the Lieutenant said, “You can just lie there because we’re not calling medical, and I’m giving you a ticket for not locking down. And then I’m going to lock you up for 72 hours straight.”. The guards just taunted me while I lay on hot concrete, with what I was sure, a broken leg. I lay crying like that until after count when the COIV told them to bring me to her office. They put me in a wheelchair and told me to “drive myself” to her office. After painfully wheeling myself to the COIV’s door, she let me wait in the hot sun for another 2 hours. She finally came out of her office to say, “Look I know your faking, so I’m not going to call medical.”

Finally, at 3 pm when it was obvious wasn’t moving, I was taken to medical, where they noticed my strange looking leg. The nurse immediately called the Doctor at the complex, and he directed me to X-Ray. When the X-Ray came back the technician screamed, “Oh my God she has a broken femur!”. Then things started to happen. I was rushed to the hospital with a compound fracture of the femur. That hospital examined me and said I needed immediate surgery at the trauma center. I was rushed to the roof to be transported by helicopter to the Trauma Center hospital.

It took two surgeries to fix my leg. In the midst of this stay, the hospital told me I also had a broken back! The “bruise” they refused to x-ray in December, was two compressed fractures in my lower back. This was the reason for my falling, because of the pressure on my nerves that control the legs!

Will another million dollar lawsuit cure the DOC of reckless endangerment and outright cruelty? I doubt it. Please voters….vote with your heart this election day. Vote for prison reform and human decency.”