We’ve been getting messages about an inmate who has been transferred from her “home” unit to 48-hour closed custody on Lumley. She has been there now for 4 days. At least 1 email didn’t make it past the DOC censors but these did. Here is what we’ve heard in her own words.

“Day 3, the Looney Bin”
Lumley’s closed custody yard. “I’ve been called to medical because of my shortness of breath. I have to be escorted there too! The yard is littered with cages…of every kind and description… but cages. I’m with three other women, as we are locked in a medical waiting room (cage). Two gals come up to me and ask, “Have you had the Covid test?”. I answered yes, then she went on to tell me, ” We don’t think it was a test…we KNOW they put implants into our brains to help the aliens.”. It’s a good thing I had on a mask and sunglasses so they didn’t see my face. Oh my. I ask the guard where maximum custody is…she says “This is it, it don’t get no higher, even Jodi Areas is on a better yard. Death row is here”. (gulp) I guess I finally pissed off the DOC writing to this blog.

“Day 4 Dachau/ otherwise known as max custody”
This is definitely a scary place for a 70 year old minimum with no tickets. I haven’t been able to make a phone call, make an appointment with a COIII, or see anyone in authority to get the hell out here. Retaliation is a bitch

About 10 minutes ago – it appears she has been “sprung from Hell.” We are hoping she will be able to provide more information soon.