The latest update on the inmate transferred to Lumley:
“This time, the guard knocks politely and announces I’m sprung from this evil place. But alas, I’m not going home to Carlos, they are taking me to “C” yard on Lumley. How bad could it be I think to myself.

Ha! From the time I’m shown to my new roommate’s cell, I am bombarded with a string of loud obscenities. She doesn’t want me there and yells long and loud. When she starts throwing chairs, however, then I leave. The guards descend to see what the racket is. They address me, “Well, what did you do to excite her?”. what?? Then they call ME a trouble maker, admonish me with, and I quote, “You’re just a F++king inmate.”

I’m tired, I’ve had repeated asthma attacks, the latest brought on by this lunatic blowing smoke in my face. So they put me upstairs in an empty cell (why didn’t they do that first?) I can hardly make it up there, so the local inmates are instructed to move my huge load of stuff upstairs. This is my 3d move today and I’m exhausted. This time they stole my ice chest with a full load of ice in it. I’m thinking of a hot shower like at Carlos, but no, only cold water. I’ve been in 3 cells on Lumley and none of them have trash baskets! You’d think 1.1 Billion dollars would buy some.

Tomorrow, legal call with my attorney, wish me luck!”