Our new resident of Lumley is very prolific with her stories. Gee what a fight fest on this unit! Most of the attacks are from the SMI people (Severely Mentally Ill), and this unit has more than their share.

From what I understand, there are three places here where they stash the mentally ill. The DOCs mental hospital called Flamingo was transferred from Phoenix to Lumley and located next to medical. Then there are the closed custody inmates, who I can tell you from experience, are nuttier than fruitcakes, on B-yard. And there is more….a special little cage for the crazies on A yard wing 1. These look like the walking dead shuffling around. But beware, they are fast. Yesterday, a female COIII was attacked opening a door, and several inmates were pepper-sprayed. The day before the crazies jumped another officer who ended up with face lacerations.

The long time residents here tell me that this is nothing unusual and it happens every day(!?) Well, I’ve been on 4 units and NOTHING like that happens every day. This place is out of control. I feel like a reporter in a war zone.