Dateline Cruz: I was diagnosed with back injury and anklosing spondilitis. I resisted the spinal shots they wanted to give me, but I was in 24 hour unrelenting pain. The first shot went ok but did not give me pain relief. The 2nd almost killed me. When the doctor put the needle in I immediately knew something was wrong…then he rammed it home and I felt like I was struck by lightning. I screamed but he didn’t stop.

When I got back to the prison and checked in, I told them I was losing bladder control and wasn’t able to feel my legs fully. They dismissed my concerns then and continued to do so later.

As I found out 6 months later, I had 5 out of 6 symptoms that should have gotten me to an emergency room. I was incontinent but they gave me no diapers, my legs would give out and I was frequently falling. One time I hit my head and was unconscious for an hour. I described my symptoms as *sitting on a Weber BBQ*. The provider refused me a wheelchair, lay-in food tray, pain pills, or diapers.

As with most medical issues acquired in prison, I’ll have to wait for treatment until I go home. Cruelty thy name is prison.