I’m starting the HALL OF SHAME for guards who refuse to wear masks here. L. Garcia, lets start with you. This guard went his entire shift with no mask! There will be more.

Today started with my morning jog as usual. I’m as deaf as a post, but I could hear a loud banging coming from the SMI cage on A yard. I was close enough to see this poor girl flailing her fists against the glass, and could hear her scream. No one was paying any attention. I went to the guard shack and said *do you hear that?* The guard just shrugged.

Later I went by and saw them chain her up, to load her into yet another cage. People were not meant to be treated like this. You’ve heard the expression *meaner than a junkyard dog*? Is this the way our government cares for the mentally ill? Mans’ inhumanity to man….or woman.