Two articles worth your attention and a reality check from someone on the inside:
2 supervisors are fired 1 charged with assaulting inmate 11-21-20
How virus spread in Tucson prison unit 11-22-20

1) Stop internal movement of inmates, deep clean every week, robust availability of soap, hygiene and cleaning supplies.
2) Anti-retaliation hotlines were activated and have been made available through the inmate phone system at all complex locations. Information is also posted next to inmate phones and on the dial directory on the phone system. Memo #2020 Sept. 24, 2020.

When an inmate asks about this hotline, the staff gives a puzzled zombie-like answer,*Whaaaa??* They’ve never heard of it in P’ville. Inmates are being moved ALL the time. What paper towels? Lumley unit is notorious for not doing a damn thing about deep cleaning. The girls make do with 2 sawed-off brooms, watered-down cleaner, and 2 toilet brushes. About 50% of the cells have no trash cans!! The place is filthy and the DW does nothing. Media has been alerted to the LIES the prison is telling the public.