Our staff has gotten so much mail from this Unit, we have to share what the inmates are alleging in their own words.

“Everything is broken on Lumley! No one can access WiFi, we run around like chickens looking for a hotspot. We can’t even open our tablets without it. Use the phones? Hell…they are broken too!! 80% of the cells have no trash can. There is NO CLEANING FOR COVID!! There is non-stop movement of inmates, even as they tell the public there is not. The guards still wear their masks as beard warmers. Half the showers don’t work and the other half are ice cold. This is a punitive unit where inmates are put who grieve, who have lawsuits, or stand up for injustices. DW Cardoza is from Lewis where the locks don’t work as reported by Ch.15. Funny…..the locks have to be keyed out here too.”