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“My friend just informed me that the past 2 days there has been no heat in her cell. It’s 36 degrees outside and the metal doors suck any and all heat out of the rooms. the prison refuses to issue extra blankets. She is on Santa Cruz. This is so inhumane”

“The horrible thing is, when they built this facility, they purposely faced all the metal doors to face southwest so the sun would hit them at the hottest part of the day. The cells are at least 10 to 20° higher in summer and they suck all the heat out in the winter. So inhumane. I saw a woman suffer to death because the guard refused medical treatment for her on San Pedro. Which is a medical yard. My cell had no light for 2 months in the winter. We sent several kites for a lightbulb to no avail They sent me to SACRC IN TUCSON because of my complaints. SACRC was so much better. It was a blessing to go there for me. But it has closed. In Perryville, you basically live outdoors in the elements it’s so run down. And that was 10 years ago.”