January 1, 2021, approximately 8:30 am women on A yard were locked down amid a flurry of staff activity. Shortly, an ambulance and firetruck were parked outside A yard. The inmates watching outside their windows knew it was bad news when the paramedics slowly left the yard without a patient inside. Warden Ron Lee arrived about an hour later to be on the scene. A psych staff person was dispatched to counsel the inmates, telling them a woman had passed away. This is all we have as of 10:21 am.

More details on deceased Lumley inmate
The woman pronounced dead on A yard New Year’s day, allegedly had recent heart trouble just 10 days prior. The victim, who was 64 years old, had *coded* at Lumley medical last week, after complaining about chest pain. Medical DID call 911 and the paramedics revived her, but she refused to go to the hospital with them. People that knew her reported that she was scared of catching Covid at the hospital. Witnesses describe the sad scene where her body was loaded in the Coroner’s wagon and driven out through the gates.