(Update on 71 year old abuse victim–see prior story)

“After I was strangled by that young woman, I was put in a cell by myself. It gave me time to decompress and recover. I then started to worry about what kind of inmate they would put in my cell. The evil person that choked me was smug because she got exactly what she wanted with no ticket or censor.

Then along came Justice. My new roommate is a wonderful young lady. She is a non-violent parole violater, and very sweet. Meanwhile, the bad seed got her new roommate….a career criminal thug that was not going to take any nonsense from her. In fact, the conversation went like this, *I ain’t no little ol’ lady you can beat up %+#@er, and if you look cross-eyed at me, me and my friends will @$ and % your !*=@$ !*

Isn’t payback grand?