The ladies in Perryville have the added financial burden of furnishing basic supplies to the new people. This is an example of letters we are getting a lot of.

My new roommate came to my cell with virtually NOTHING. All she had was one tattered blanket, a comb with 4 teeth left, a sliver of soap, and the used clothing on her back. I gave her shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste, comb, and lent her my other towel. There was nothing I could do about sheets, a pillow, or underwear. She slept on one scratchy blanket for two weeks before she got one sheet and one towel from State Issue.

Perryville Inmate

For our readers new to this website, we alerted the media to this problem about two years ago. With the pressure they exerted on the DOC, women finally got decent supplies coming into prison. As usual, the DOC has gone back to their cheap ways, and are finding other places to spend their 1.1billion dollars……on themselves.