Just when you think the inmates can’t take anymore, the DOC delivers more pain.

Because the Florence prison screwed up and let 2 male inmates escape, the DOC is determined to take it out on the girls too. We are waiting for our sources on Maria and Cruz to come in, but we do have a letter smuggled out from Lumley. This is her story.–Ed.

On Tuesday, Feb. 9th Lumley mediums were locked down at 7:15 am without warning, and without breakfast. Feeding pod by pod, it took till 9 am for all to be fed….usually breakfast is from 5 am to 6 am. When we asked what was going on, the guards said, “We don’t know, they didn’t tell us.”

The cell doors were opened again at 1:00 pm (usually noon) and we were told to line up for lunch…..it took until almost 3 pm to finish feeding. No rec time or shower time until 6 pm, and then there was mass confusion about lockdown.

It actually got worse the next day, Wednesday. They didn’t let us out for breakfast till 9 am!!! None of the workers went to their jobs, medical appointments were missed, and the girls were hungry! Meanwhile, on the yard, the “Keystone Cops” led by Barney Fife were milling around with their thumb up their ass. We could hear the guards wondering what to do, and complaining about the lack of leadership. Finally at 9:35 am we lined up for chow and didn’t come back till 10:30 am.

It got worse. We were told that we’d only get 1 and a 1/2 hours out of our cell ALL DAY! What? Since when are we in Closed Custody??? And we’re to be ESCORTED everywhere? We didn’t get out for lunch until 3:15 pm! wtf.

Channel 3 TV reported that the cause of the men’s escape was that only a fraction of guards were there….they are short-staffed. Why punish the girls???? Our families are calling Central Office, the warden, and the deputy warden about this.*