To Molly Gill/ Your article in the Republic, “This is the only way to clean up our squalid prisons”, was outstanding! You hit every nail on the head. Infrastructure in Perryville is more than crumbling…it’s downright dangerous to live here.

What I wouldn’t give for a water safety analysis of the water that flows through the pipes. Is there any way to get one?? The guards, staff, and contractors all drink bottled water. The female ASU volunteers on Cruz were called into the yard office and told NOT to drink the water. That’s just one example.

The female inmate population has an inordinate amount of cancer, stomach problems, and thyroid deficiencies than the outside public. Are the food AND water not fit for human consumption? We hope Rep. Walt Blackwell’s prison oversight bill is passed. Readers, please tell your friends and family to contact Mr. Blackwell and give your support!