(From a story in AZ Republic newspaper 2-26-21)
Judge Roslyn Silver found the DOC in contempt for failing to comply with the Order issued May 2019. This time the state will pay 1.1 million in 14 days.

Parsons v Ryan is the lawsuit that claimed inadequate medical, health, and dental care for inmates. Corene Kendrick, one of the lawyers representing the inmates, said “we hope the ADC will stop wasting taxpayer money fighting the court ordering it to live up to its promises, and finally do its duty and provide the basic health care to the people in its custody.”

In addition to getting substandard health care, Covid has added concern for inmates, their families, and advocates. We here at this website know our women in Perryville live in fear wondering when the vaccines are coming. California, Oregon, and surrounding States have already vaccinated their inmates…why hasn’t Arizona? Because, in our opinion, they don’t give a damn.